10×10 Storage Shed Made Easy

10x10 Storage Shed plan Have you seen what a pre-built 10×10 Storage Shed costs today? Besides, those pre-built units never satisfy your needs. So, here is how to beat the system. Build your 10×10 shed. Please Don’t panic, it’s very easy, even if you are not a carpenter.

Read on for 10 Easy Steps to Build a 10×10 Storage Shed.

Step One

It is important to decide where in your yard you want to build the 10×10 Storage Shed. When you finally decide that this is the spot, consider the proximity to other buildings and trees. You certainly don’t want tree limbs hanging overhead. You now know exactly where you will place your shed within your yard, so move on to the next step.

Step Two

Sketch out a rough plan of your 10×10 shed and take it to a local home improvement store. Most of these type of stores will draft up your plans according to the specs you provide them. Also, they will offer a list of materials and an instructional guide on how to perform each step.

Step Three

Purchase all of the materials recommended by the store as outlined in your plan. Don’t fudge on anything at this point because you want to have everything on hand, so you won’t run out of supplies once you start your new project. You are now ready to start construction.

Step Four

This part is crucial. Level your ground and prepare to lay the foundation. You would have already decided whether you are going to have a wood plank floor or concrete slab type.

Step Five

Next comes the side walls. Put your materials aside that you are going to use for this. It is better to construct the walls on the ground then lift them into position once they are together. Just follow your guide for the how-to instructions.

Step Six

You are ready to start the roof. You will need to build your trusses. So construct one and then use it as a template for the rest. Once again follow your guide.

Step Seven

Your storage shed should now be taking on some shape. It is time to build the end walls. How you do this will depend on what you have chosen in your plans. Be sure to stay with your original plans.

Step Eight

Now you are getting down to the final stages. The trim is just as important as the rest of your structure. It’s what gives it that finished look so please don’t scrimp here.

Step Nine

Your last two steps are applying the shingles for the roof then treating the wood. The wood must have some form of a protective coating on it to protect it from the elements and rotting. The element can be varnish, stains or paints whatever is your preference.

Step Ten

You’re done! All that’s left is to sit back and admire your completed 10×10 Storage Shed. Others will think your new shed is a professional store bought model. Unless, you tell someone otherwise you can be proud knowing that you built it yourself.

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